BIOSCHAMP Free Info Day at the EU Green Week is comming!

Putting together an impactful, thought-through policy is not an easy task, and even less it is to achieve a fast implementation at all levels. For that reason, the EU complements its policy efforts with educational campaigns for all citizens. Among all campaigns, a special spot is always saved for the EU Green Week, an annual event dedicated to the environmental policies of the European Union. In this year’s edition, the Directorate-General of Environment (DG ENV), organizer of the EU Green Week, invites citizens to see water differently.

Growing mushrooms, empowering Europe

Water is woven into all activities of life: apart from drinking it, we also need it to produce food, to sanitize products, and to manufacture our clothing, to name a few. However, our overuse of the resources, together with climate change, makes water scarcer each day. So, how can we protect it?

Starting from the 29th May, the EU Green Week will bring together various initiatives and projects targeted to all kinds of public to share how each contributes to a more water resilient Europe. BIOSCHAMP has organized an online InfoDay where we will discuss what food production (and, specifically, mushroom growing) can offer to achieve water resiliency.

BIOSCHAMP event, titled "Mushroom production: how does it contribute to food-driven water resilience?", will take place Thursday 30th May from 12:30 to 13:30 CEST. It will consist of two parts:

Setting the scene (12:30)

  • Two European-funded projects will share their ties with water resilience. BIOSCHAMP will be accompanied by the project ULTIMATE, which is focused on revalorizing resources available in the water cycle. Together, we will cover two food-production systems: mushroom growing using BIOSCHAMP, and horticultural growth with reused water and recovered heat.

Let’s talk about it! (12:45)

  • We know reaching water resilience requires compromise and cooperation from all actors from society. That is why our event will mostly focus on a discussion on the matter. We have gathered 6 experts from different backgrounds that will shed light into what is needed to move forward, what elements are already in place, and how various disciplines intertwine for the same goal. We are honored to count with:

Emilio Rascón: Project technician at the Mushroom Research Technological Centre of La Rioja. “My main experience has been as a R&D Project Technician in regional, national and European projects".

Pietro Goglio: Senior Researcher at Università degli Studi di Perugia. “As a Senior Researcher in environmental and cropping systems assessment I have been directing my research towards the evaluation of cropping, agricultural, bioenergy, food and waste systems.”

Jan van der Wolf: Senior scientist at Wageningen Research, where he carries out research on ecology, (bio)control, and plant pathogens.

Jeoffrey van den Berg: NewFoss. “Focused on impact, sustainable and scalable. Strong at growing businesses with a connected team and a clear business case. Technology is my foundation. Enthusiasm is my driving force.”

Patrick Kelly: Policy Officer at Directorate-General of Agriculture (DG AGRI), where he deals with topics such as water, chemicals and persistent organic pollutants.

Andrea Rubini: Director of Operations at Water Europe. “I bring 40 years of international experience in the development of public and private sectors, specializing in water resource engineering, energy, and climate change”.

Beatriz Deltoro: Innovation consultant at Innovarum. “MSc in Synthetic Integrative Biology and a BSc in Biotechnology. She has also studied a course on Creation and leadership of resilient teams at the University of Chicago (US).”

If you are interested to assist to the event, you can come and join us this Thursday at Mushrooms for water sustainability by registering here!

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