BIOSCHAMP Participates at the EU Green Week

In a compelling event that unfolded on May 30th, BIOSCHAMP participated on the EU Green Week as a side event with a InfoDay called: “Mushroom production: how does it contribute to food-driven water resilience?”. Key stakeholders and experts from across Europe gathered to explore and discuss innovative approaches to sustainability. This Info Day was a significant step towards enhancing Europe’s commitment to a greener future. The agenda was packed with insightful presentations and engaging discussions, focusing particularly on sustainable agriculture and water resilience.

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How is Europe Moving Towards Greater Sustainability?

The event started with a series of introductory talks that set the tone for the day. The discussions highlighted the importance of integrating innovative solutions into traditional industries to foster a more sustainable and resilient future. Here we had the opportunity to discover more about ULTIMATE, an EU funded project that aims to enhance water security and resilience through innovative water symbiosis and living labs. This project explores the potential of water-oriented living labs to drive innovation in water management, ensuring that water use in agriculture and industry becomes more efficient and sustainable.

After that we enjoyed a dynamic discussion panel on the synergy between mushroom production and water resilience. Experts delved into how integrating mushroom cultivation within agricultural systems can enhance water management practices, promoting sustainability in food production. If you want to know more about the speakers who participated on the event, check our previous post!

The event concluded with a summary of key takeaways and a call to action for all stakeholders to continue collaborating towards a more sustainable Europe. The discussions and insights shared during the day underscored the importance of innovation, collaboration, and policy support in achieving sustainability goals.

As Europe moves forward, events like this Info Day are crucial in fostering dialogue, sharing knowledge, and inspiring collective action towards a sustainable future.

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