Newfoss Transforms Non-Wood Biomass Into High Quality Fibres.

NewFoss transforms non-woody biomass into high-quality fibres. These fibres can be used for different applications. Within the Bioschamp project, the NewFoss fibres are tested for their performance as peat replacement in casing soil for the mushroom industry.

Obtaining the NewFoss fibres

The NewFoss fibres originate from grass that has been collected near airport locations or nature preservation areas. This grass needs to be cut and collected on at least a yearly base to improve biodiversity. Then, after the grass has been transported by truck to the pilot factory, it is silaged for conservation, ensuring a year-round supply of stable input material.

The scale of the 5.000 tonnes pilot factory shows that NewFoss is all about making an impact. In this factory, the fibres of the silaged grass are separated from its cell content and nutrients.

“Due to the proprietary process, the fibres are hygienic and free from nutrient value by the time they are processed and ready for shipment to the substrate providers or mushroom growers.” – Jeoffrey van den Berg, CTO at NewFoss.

Developing high-value products

Besides focusing on optimising the fibre performance, NewFoss is looking into returning the nutrients separated from the fibres to nature. For example, products such as liquid fertilisers with applications in horticulture. In the future, further increases in capacity and possibilities are expected from the commercial-scale factory which is now being developed.

About NewFoss

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