NOVATERRA and BIOSCHAMP collaborate to reduce the negative impact of pesticides

The collaboration between NOVATERRA and BIOSCHAMP is rooted in a shared commitment to reducing the use of pesticides.

NOVATERRA is an EU-funded H2020 project focused on ensuring food security and healthy food access for the increasing population. Through a series of case studies in Mediterranean olive groves and vineyards, the project aims to understand whether it is possible to maintain current yields and quality in Europe and other regions while eliminating or significantly reducing the use of contentious plant protection products (also known as pesticides).

Collaboration is key to tackling complex challenges and maximising the impact of creating a supportive ecosystem that encourages the adoption of sustainable practices at every level of the agricultural supply chain. By working hand-in-hand, NOVATERRA and BIOSCHAMP are not only jointly dedicated to reducing pesticides but also embody a significant step forward in the quest for sustainable agriculture.

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