The implementation of the BIOSCHAMP project will be based on a 42-month Work Plan involving
technical and commercial activities, divided into 9 Work Packages (WPs):

  • WP1- Developing alternatives to peat-based casing material.
  • WP2- Advanced Microbiota Optimisation

  • WP3- Design of a biostimulant casing

  • WP4 – Validation

  • WP5 – Steps for industrialisation

  • WP6 – Security and sustainability

  • WP7 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

  • WP8 – Project management

  • WP9 – Ethics requirements

Work Packages in detail

Coordinated by Stichting Wageningen Research.

Duration: M1 – M18

Focus: evaluation of alternative casing materials to peat-based casing, involving laboratory assays and small-scale trials.

Coordinated by Oxford University.

Duration: M1 – M24

Focus: optimisation of the advanced microbiota, including assessment of its stability and dose.

Coordinated by INAGRO.

Duration: M16 – M30

Focus: design of the complete and integrated
BIOSCHAMP solution, based on the results obtained from WP1 and WP2, as well as its posterior optimisation at a semi-commercial scale.

Coorinated by CTICH.

Duration: M24 – M40

Focus: conduction of commercial-scale trials in three
button mushroom cultivation systems in Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Serbia.

Coordinated by FERTINAGRO.

Duration: M25 – M42

Focus: industrialisation of the BIOSCHAMP solution, concerning establishing production at an industrial scale and obtainment of a stable commercial product complying with industrial needs.

Coordinated by: Stichting Wageningen Research.

Duration: M13 – M42

Focus: assessment of the developed solution´s sustainability (LCA+S-LCA) and security, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, it includes a series of impact assessments on the presence of pesticides and its impact on the sector, population and general public.

Coordinated by INNOVARUM

Duration: M1 – M42

Focus: exploitation and dissemination of project results as well as communication activities.

Coordinated by CTICH.

Duration: M1 – M42

Focus: overall project management: administrative, financial, contractual and legal management as well as risk management.

Coordinated by CTICH.

Duration: M1 – M42

Focus: ensuring compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’. The project is well structured in 9 Work Packages that are clearly identified for the technical and commercial nature of the work to be implemented.

BIOSCHAMP, making it happen

An international and muti-actor team has come together to work towards setting the grounds for a pesticide-free mushroom sector, safer for the environment, for the operators and for consumers.

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